Belshaw Adamatic DR42-1048 - Filter-Flo Siphon

Belshaw Adamatic DR42-1048 - Filter-Flo Siphon
The Filter-Flo is a dependable heavy duty siphon that extracts and filters shortening from fryers, in situations where there is no room for a built-in drain, or if your fryer has no built-in drain. A squeeze of the large bulb starts the flow which can empty a Mark II in a few minutes. A reusable cloth filter cleans as the liquid passes through. Note: the Filter-Flo requires a customer-supplied leakproof container for filtered shortening to pour into. Filter-Flo is not needed if you already have a shortening filter such as SF or EZMelt. Belshaw Adamatic by Unisource Filter-Flo Siphon [DR42-1048] is perfect for your establishment. Belshaw Adamatic Bakery Group has served the baking industry for over 90 years and is one of the leading bakery equipment companies in the USA. Belshaw and Adamatic combined in 2007 to provide equipment for retail and wholesale bakeries, QSR’s, Supermarkets, Concession operators, and many more.

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Item: Belshaw Adamatic DR42-1048 - Filter-Flo Siphon
Mfg Id: DR42-1048
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