Belshaw Adamatic 618L - 37" Electric Open Kettle Fryer

Belshaw Adamatic 618L - 37" Electric Open Kettle Fryer
Belshaw Adamatic 618L - 37' Electric Open Kettle Fryer
Belshaw's 600-series electric heated open kettle fryers are designed to produce high quality donuts with low operating costs. The heavy duty elements used by the 600 series are robust enough to withstand daily use for the entire life of the fryer. Space under the elements is reserved as a cool zone to avoid further heating of frying debris. The elements themselves tilt up to vertical to allow quicker cleaning after each shift. The kettle can be quickly removed for periodic cleaning outside the fryer. Easy-to-use submerger screens can be added to further improve production efficiency. And Belshaw's 600-series open kettle fryers also accommodate the EZ Melt under-kettle shortening melter/filter. The EZ Melt can melt a block of shortening, and pump new shortening directly to the fryer at the touch of a foot pedal.600 series fryers are fully compatible with Belshaw Type "˜B' and Type "˜F' donut depositors.Belshaw provides a full line of complementary equipment that saves labor cost and improves quality consistency. Belshaw Adamatic by Unisource Electric Open Kettle Fryer [618L] is perfect for your establishment. Belshaw Adamatic Bakery Group has served the baking industry for over 90 years and is one of the leading bakery equipment companies in the USA. Belshaw and Adamatic combined in 2007 to provide equipment for retail and wholesale bakeries, QSR’s, Supermarkets, Concession operators, and many more.

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Item: Belshaw Adamatic 618L - 37" Electric Open Kettle Fryer
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