Belshaw Adamatic Type N - Type N Cake Donut Depositor

Belshaw Adamatic Type N - Type N Cake Donut Depositor
Belshaw Adamatic's Type N is a rotary crank donut depositor. Type N is designed for Belshaw Cut-N-Fry for Donuts / Hushpuppies / Loukoumades, although it can be used with other frying systems if the correct mounting system is chosen. The hopper holds approximately 12lbs (5.5kg) of batter.3 mounting systems are available Column mount with short arms - this is the mount designed for Belshaw Adamatic 616B fryer. Column mount with long arms - used when 2 616B fryers are used side by side. A single Type N can be used for both fryers. Wall mount with long arms - used with any fryer other than Belshaw Adamatic 616B. Cylinder and plungers are ordered separately for cake donuts, loukoumades and hushpuppies. Other products can be made, such as falafel, fish fritters and many others - but success may require trial and error. In past cases recipes sometimes needed to be made thicker or thinner to work with the Type N - not ideal for the recipe. NSF listed. Belshaw Adamatic by Unisource Type N Cake Donut Depositor [Type N] is perfect for your establishment. Belshaw Adamatic Bakery Group has served the baking industry for over 90 years and is one of the leading bakery equipment companies in the USA. Belshaw and Adamatic combined in 2007 to provide equipment for retail and wholesale bakeries, QSR’s, Supermarkets, Concession operators, and many more.

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Item: Belshaw Adamatic Type N - Type N Cake Donut Depositor
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