Blenders: The Possibilities Are Endless

Posted by Chef on 8/27/2011 to Appliances
BlendersWhat thoughts come to mind when you hear the word blenders?  Is it smoothies, margaritas, ice cream, tomato bisque, chopped celery or pesto?

In the kitchen appliance world, blenders are the wonderful little kitchen appliances you didn't know you needed until  you bought one.  As we've advanced technologically so have our kitchen toys.  The blender is no different.  Traditional blenders have come a long way and offer many different options and features. 


My favorite are Hand held/Immersion blenders.  These are easy to use, have a compact design, are a breeze to clean and offer you a ton of options.  The immersion blender is great for mixing smoothies, pureeing vegetables, mixing cakes, beating egg whites or making your favorite pesto.  The beauty of the hand held/immersion blenders are found when you have to clean up or go from one task to the next.  The specialty attachments interchange quite easily.

Traditional Blenders offer a wider range of functionality with a little bit more clean up.  Today's blenders often double as food processors, juicers and maker of delicious tasty frozen beverages. Blenders take care of chopping, dicing, slicing, blending, pureeing, emulsifying and some can even make ice cream.  

With that said, there are a few things to think about when going shopping for blenders.  The most expensive blender isn't always the best option for your needs.  Be clear on what you'll be using it for when you purchase.  Will it primarily be for smoothie preparation when you're on the go?  Then three speeds are more than enough for your basic blending needs. Always look for blenders with removable blades and touch pads.  These two features will save you a ton of time with clean up.  Sure it would be great to just drop it into the dishwasher but over time rubber can deteriorate thus shortening the life of your blender.