How The Espresso Pot Works

Posted by Chef on 5/6/2011 to Information
Espresso PotStove-top Steam-Infusion Method
Water is placed in the lower container, approximately 3-oz. per cup. Also in the lower container, is a basket that holds the finely ground espresso coffee, approximately 1-2  full rounded teaspoon of ground espresso coffee for each cup. If you like your espresso stronger, add more coffee. The lid or upper pot is tightly screwed in place to form a seal and the top container, the pot, is inserted in place. On models we currently sell, the lid for the lower chamber is also the base of the upper pot.
The combined unit is then placed on the stove over a low to medium heat setting. When the water in the lower container heats, steam is produced. Because steam occupies more space than water, it builds pressure and forces the hot water up through the coffee and a filter to the pot above.
Beneissimo!! Great espresso in a matter of minutes. Also, if the espresso is served with a little slice of lemon peel or Sambuca, it is a great way to end a meal.
Please relax and enjoy your shopping experience at the Kitchen Emporium and check out the various espresso makers we sell.

Espresso cups do not measure the same as standard measuring cups.  This is a common issue when ordering parts or a new espresso maker.  The reason for this is that Espresso is usually measured per espresso cup from which you drink.

As with coffee makers, a six cup coffee maker will not brew six fluid cups of coffee.  That would be a lot of coffee indeed!  A standard coffee cup is only six fluid ounces.  Thus a six cup coffee maker brews 36oz. of coffee or 4½ fluid cups.

Espresso cups measure approximately two ounces (2oz.).  Thus a one cup espresso maker makes one ¼ cup of espresso.  Below is a chart that shows the conversion of espresso cups to standard measurement and metric measurement.
Espresso Size Metric Equivalent Standard Equivalent
1 Cup 59 ml 2oz. - ¼ Cup
2 Cup 118 ml 4oz. - ½ Cup
3 Cup 177 ml 6oz. - ¾ Cup
4 Cup 237 ml 8oz. - 1 Cup
6 Cup 354 ml 12oz. - 1½ Cup
9 Cup 531 ml 18oz. - 2¼ Cups
10 Cup 590 ml 20oz. - 2½ Cups
12 Cup 711 ml 24oz. - 3 Cups