How the French coffee press works

Posted by Chef on 6/22/2011 to Information

Simple method:
Put ground coffee, coarsely ground beans work best and at least 1 rounded tablespoon per cup, into the french press, add hot water, let the coffee steep for 3-4 minutes, then put the lid on and push the plunger down. This pushes the grounds to the bottom and the coffee is ready to pour.

Connoisseur method:
Put the ground coffee in the french press, add a small amount of cold water to dampen the coffee, stir and allow the beans to expand while the water is heating in your kettle. Just prior to boiling, pour half the water you will use over the coffee in the french press and return the kettle to the stove. Stir the mixture of water and coffee for several minutes, then add the remaining water and allow the coffee to steep for several minutes more. Put the lid on and push the plunger down.
Voila!! Great coffee in a matter of minutes. Because you can control every phase of making coffee in a french press, with experimentation, you will be able to create the perfect coffee.
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