John Boos for a Functional and Beautiful Kitchen

Posted by Chef on 8/24/2011 to Kitchen Furniture
When you think of a kitchen, the center of a home, then products from the John Boos company are a must.  John Boos has tradition going back to its founding in 1887.  The initial product was a Butcher block made from Sycamore wood and it was a hit with butchers.  John Boos has never looked back since then.  They have gone from strength to strength by a dint of hard work, innovative and competitive product range, superb quality and a totally satisfied customer base.  What more could one ask for in a manufacturer who has a reputation as solid as it's kitchen island products?
John Boos and Company has a wide range of products such as Cutting boards, Butcher blocks, Kitchen – Carts, Islands, Worktables, Bar stools, Tables, Sinks, Selves, Racks, Stands and much more.

Lack space in your kitchen or need to have a flexible spot for cutting your vegetables, preparing food?  Then a John Boos Kitchen Cart will be ideal for your needs.  They make a wide variety of Kitchen carts to suit any size kitchen.

With John Boos, the attention to detail and quality is amazing.  The casters have a high load bearing capacity to ensure that they work smoothly for a life time.  John Boos engineers have paid great attention to what configuration should be installed in various carts.  They have thoroughly studied the needs of the kitchen cart and designed the shelves and other spaces accordingly.  You will find that they are easy to use and maintain and will give you a lifetime of efficient service.  What’s more, they are aesthetically designed to enhance the look of your kitchen.  Look closely at the stainless steel used.  It's of the highest quality and rusting is unheard of in a John Boos product.  The wood used for the top is selected from the finest quality wood and will be finished to perfection.  It is designed for every day use and will maintain its looks for years. 

Other useful features on various models are commercial grade casters which can be locked in place, stainless steel lockers and also bottle holders for your favorite wines.  Some models have an infrared burner too.  Need a bar to hang towels or utensils? Yes, they are very much available. John Boos has thought of everything. 

You can be sure when you design your Kitchen, if you install a John Boos Kitchen Island, then the result will be a highly functional, aesthetically pleasing kitchen, where cooking, dining and even entertaining will be something to be looked forward to with a sense of pride and pleasure.