Leader Walk-In Box Cooler 7x10x7.6

Leader Walk-In Box Cooler 7x10x7.6
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Item: Leader Walk-In Box Cooler 7x10x7.6
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Brand: Leader
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Manufacturer Spec Sheet

Manufacture Spec Sheet for Leader Walk-In Box Cooler 7x10x7.6 is the tool you need to have all your questions answered. Details include measurements, power requirements, certifications, electrical connection, warranty and product options. A manufacture spec sheet is usually the most reliable tool to go by in order to have concrete information for an item.

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Recommended Use

Recommended use for Leader Walk-In Box Cooler 7x10x7.6is for Commercial and Professional applications. This item exceeds the standards customarily required for residential use. This unit may require professional installation and maintenance. These units are used by restaurateurs and chefs worldwide.

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Manufacturer Warranty

Manufacture Warranty: Leader Walk-In Box Cooler 7x10x7.6 includes a 12 month warranty on units within 50 miles of NYC (self contained units only) but excludes maintenance on this item. This unit as well as most units by Leader Refrigeration has an optional extended warranty for up to 24 months from date of purchase. *Warranty applies to refrigeration units only.Warranty applies only to the original purchaser of this equipment.

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