Marsal & Sons - MB Series


Best innovative left to right burner system

Marsal line the baking chamber of the MB Commercial Pizza Ovens with refractory bricks. These bricks absorb moisture and radiate a dry even heat giving a faster cooked, crispier crust pie. This brick-lined design provides a bake that rivals any old-world style brick oven. If you want a brick oven pizza, the MB Series is what you are looking for.

best innovative 2 inch thick brick

On all Marsal ovens, they have a two-inch-thick brick cooking surface that holds the heat in, dispersing it throughout the baking deck. Marsal also provides signature left to right burner design so that every pie has part of the burner system directly underneath it.

And then Marsal includes their special air chamber, located below the cooking surface, which eliminates hotspots so there is no need to spin or rotate pies. The MB Series is engineered to keep up at your busiest times, as well as radiate a powerful heat evenly throughout the baking chamber to give you a crispier, brick-oven styled crust and product.

Marsal brick lined pizza deck ovens

The arched refractory brick-lined ceiling develops more heat synchronization, enabling the oven to maintain temperature more efficiently and evenly. Your oven will not quit as the customers keep pouring in to see the old-world beauty of your custom designed oven and feast on the crispiest, absolutely best pizza you can produce with your quality ingredients.

beautiful customized oven design


All MB deck ovens come from the factory unfinished with an 18 gauge aluminized steel exterior.

Brick ovens are fully enclosed and can be finished in many different ways. Marsal offers exclusive finishing kits directly from us in limestone, granite, and brick finishes. You can also finish your MB brick oven on your own--in any style that fits your restaurant's decor. Your Oven. Your Style.

beautiful customized oven design

Available in Three Top Styles:

MB Series commercial pizza ovens come manufactured with the patented Dome design. However, you may also have your brick oven with a Flat Top or Flat Dome that allows you to place pizza boxes on top of your MB oven.