Marsal & Sons Pizza Ovens - Slice Ovens

With Slice Oven models, you get it all in a compact size.


A compact pizza deck oven serves many purposes that will benefit your restaurant. You may want a Slice Oven exclusively to heat up slices, freeing up your standard sized ovens to produce more product during busy times. Your space may require you to use a compact oven. In that case, you can still experience the same power of all Marsal ovens with a compact Slice model. Whichever the case, a Marsal Slice Oven model is guaranteed to provide the same powerful features and quality performance as all of Marsal & Sons ovens.

MB & SD Series Slice deck ovens have a one and a half-inch thick brick cooking surface and Marsals exclusive left-to-right burner system, ensuring that every pie has part of the burner system directly underneath it. The MB Series Slice deck ovens have a baking chamber lined with refractory bricks, which absorb moisture and radiate a dry even heat. Pizza pies are crispier, tastier, and cooked much faster.

The Slice Ovens also include Marsals special air chamber, located below the cooking surface, which eliminates hot spots so there is no need to spin or rotate pies.

To give your pizza a better bake on top, Marsal has designed a special side baffle system using slots instead of circles. These slots push more heat to the center of the oven, cooking your pies evenly on the top. And the MB Series models feature an arched refractory brick-lined ceiling to produce that authentic brick-oven bake.

New! SD Series Brick-Lined Ovens

Now you can order a firebrick-lined baking chamber ceiling in SD Series commercial deck ovens - including Slice Ovens! - for an exceptional brick oven quality bake!