Our Story

Kathie ChristianWords from the founder:
Hi, I'm Kathie Christian, founder of Kitchen Emporium and I love to entertain and prepare that something special for those I love.

Like many of you, I balance a career and manage my home, therefore time is precious. Often needing a new pan or special item and living in a semi-rural area, to purchase quality cookware usually means spending the better part of a day traveling to the city and visiting several stores. The KitchenEmporium.com offers an alternative to fighting city traffic because you can shop from the comfort of your home any hour of the day or night.

The cookware used by chefs is of high quality and designed to provide better function and last a lifetime. Our families deserve no less, so the products we offer at KitchenEmporium.com must meet these same demanding standards plus also be aesthetically appealing. For example, our kitchen at home is part of a larger room and the central congregating point for family and guests. Cupboard space is a premium, therefore most of the pans I use regularly hang from a pot rack over the center island and are always visible.

It is impossible to carry in stock all the quality products offered by so many manufacturers. In order to keep prices as low as possible, we carry a minimum inventory because we place orders with major suppliers every week and can obtain most items within 10 working days. We maintain an extensive database of information on products currently offered at this site and thousands more. We gladly accept special orders and try to find the items requested. If we are unable to obtain the item or provide it to you at a competitive price, we will direct you to a competitor.

Please relax and enjoy your shopping experience at the Kitchen Emporium.com .

Words from the Current Co- Owner - Alan B
Next time you go to dinner at a restaurant, take a look around. Restaurant equipment pretty much involves all those big structures you see—refrigerators, bar tables, stools, ovens, and more! What you eat, where you eat, and how you eat it would not be possible without restaurant equipment. Restaurant supplies include the little things—napkin dispensers, place settings, and more! But we do more than just restaurants… Our equipment and supplies have been used in school cafeterias, hospitals, and other institutional facilities. Don’t forget about our residential clients! We have also provided impeccable kitchen supplies for our home chefs! 

With over 15 years experience on the World Wide Web, individuals, those that are among our team now, agreed upon a shared goal: to provide food service experts in the United States and abroad with a resourceful, uncomplicated and innovative website, personalized just for them. Our staff has been divided into particular departments in order to develop the expertise necessary for our company to provide you with the best customer satisfaction. We strive not only to provide great service and products, but also amazing prices! We have become one of the largest food service equipment and supply dealers yet, and we continue to expand! For an insider scoop, check out our blog for our newsletters that cover new products, tips, and more! 

After 17 years of online reputation, KitchenEmporium.com is considered one of the largest Kitchen Supply and Restaurant Equipment super stores. A kitchen for all, everyday chefs, once a year chefs and even professional chefs, we are the one stop shop when it comes to kitchen needs with a wide variety of commercial refrigerators and commercial restaurant ranges. KitchenEmporium.com has served thousands of customers to date. Our experienced support is available to you Monday - Fridays 9am - 6pm est & Saturdays 10am - 4pm est.

Bon Appétit and happy browsing.