Precision Time Saver: The Electric Knife Sharpener

Posted by Chef on 9/1/2011 to Appliances
Preparing meals daily for yourself or family requires the right tools. The right kitchen tools save you time and get you to the table enjoying a meal quickly. The biggest time savers in cooking are sharp knives. If you're losing time in the kitchen because your knives are too dull to slice a tomato.
You've already tried sharpening your knives with the rod included in your knife set and you're still sawing through food items, it may be time for you get an electric knife sharpener. If you've spent any amount of time in the kitchen, you know a dull knife is a chef's worst enemy.
We've all tried to lengthen the time in between necessary knife sharpening by practicing proper use and care, but sooner or later your knives will scream to be sharpened. This is the moment where you need to know the sharpening steel included with your knife set will not bring your dull knife back to life. That the paper thin tomato slices you need delivered in 30 seconds or less can only come with the assistance of an electric knife sharpener. Here's what they don't tell you about using the knife set sharpening steel. This manual means of sharpening your blade merely hones the knife. Honing in this sense simply realigns the blade to center and doesn't sharpen your blade.
To actually sharpen the blade steel must be removed to redefine the knife's razor sharp edge and requires a substance harder than steel. While there are manual sharpening rods made of ceramics or diamonds substances definitely harder than steel. The precision of a pro is needed to get your razor sharp edge back.
To top it off these manual tools require an additional level of expertise if you're working with a serrated edge. When looking at these challenges an electric knife sharpener just makes sense. One of the easiest kitchen tools to work with is the electric knife sharpener. It offers the most consistent delivery of razor sharp, polished edges with the least amount of work. Wondering about whether you're sharpening the blade at the correct angle, if the correct number of strokes were used on each side or if even pressure is applied during the sharpening process are things you'll never have to worry about. The only thing "required" by an electric knife sharpener is light and steady movement.
These two things produce perfectly sharpened knives in very little time, every time.
Investing in quality tools like your knife set means you want to keep them around and undamaged for as long as possible. A quality electric knife sharpener allows you to do this without fear. Manual knife sharpening requires time. Time to learn technique, time to practice this technique and time to actually work on honing and sharpening your knives. Time is a precious commodity we generally do not have in abundance.
 If you can go into the kitchen, pick up a knife, realize it's dull, take 30 seconds to restore it's razor sharp edge and continue cooking would you do it? Exactly! A quality electric knife sharpener allows you to cook without losing time and maintain your knives without fear of destroying them.