The Best Cake Pans for Any Occasion

Posted by Chef on 5/24/2011 to Baking and Bakeware
If you love to bake, you will love to learn about all the many different kinds of cake pans that are available to use to increase your range of baking abilities. From bundt pans to glass heart-shaped pans, the options are virtually unlimited, and can add some fun to your baking efforts. You can now achieve the professional results you see in the store from your own oven!

The traditional pan shapes are everywhere and can be purchased by anyone wanting to bake at home.  Glass pans are loved in the culinary world because of there natural non-stick feature, lack of harmful chemicals, and durability. Most baking pans are shiny aluminum or dark non-stick metal. These can be acquired in cool shapes and sizes, ranging from muffin tins to large cake pans for birthday cakes. Basic round pans or rectangular shaped pans are good for birthday cakes. For those with more of a creative side to them should also check out the heart-shaped pans, or even a bone-shaped muffin pan, which bakes six bone-shaped muffins at one time.

Bundt pans are a very uniquely shaped pan which you can use to bake virtually anything in, the most popular recipes being apple cake and angel food cake. The shape of these pans makes it easy to cut into slices after baking, and invites a tasty topping to be poured over the top, adding to the beauty of the already incredible cake. These pans will likely require some sort of non-stick spray inside to prevent sticking when baking.

Baking with cake pans can be a lot of fun, given the large variety of pans to work with, from muffin tins for baking muffins or cupcakes, to bundt pans for that backyard party, the options are limitless. Rectangular pans for those simple birthday cakes are available to keep it simple when needed. Glass pans are also an option for the more serious baker. Let your imagination soar and go bake a cake!