Precision Time Saver: The Electric Knife Sharpener

Posted by Chef on 9/1/2011 to Appliances
Preparing meals daily for yourself or family requires the right tools. The right kitchen tools save you time and get you to the table enjoying a meal quickly. The biggest time savers in cooking are sharp knives. If you're losing time in the kitchen because your knives are too dull to slice a tomato.
You've already tried sharpening your knives with the rod included in your knife set and you're still sawing through food items, it may be time for you get an electric knife sharpener. If you've spent any amount of time in the kitchen, you know a dull knife is a chef's worst enemy.....

The Benefits of Garlic

Posted by Chef on 8/31/2011 to Information
Garlic RoasterWill eating garlic really help our health?

There have been numerous studies with over 2000 published papers that document the health promoting properties of eating garlic.

Among the many are:

It boosts the immune system thereby increasing ones resistance to allergies, colds, anemia, and asthma.
Garlic is able to increase red blood cells, which increase ones energy and vitality.
By rubbing the juicy side of a freshly cut clove of garlic on the sensitive areas of where arthritic pain occurs it can alleviate the pain rather quickly.
Garlic can help blood platelets from sticking together so the body is able to break up blood clots. According to an English researcher, eating one or two garlic cloves a day can help thin the blood thus starting the clot-preventing process. The blood thinning quality may be beneficial in preventing heart attacks and strokes.

Electric Meat Grinders: Convenience & Savings

Posted by Chef on 8/31/2011 to Appliances
Electric Meat GrinderIn today’s economy, many of us have been attempting to cut our expenses wherever we can.   If you are interested in saving money as well, one way to do that is to purchase an electric meat grinder. 

This is a device that is used to grind meat or anything else you wish to mince, crush or pulverize.  It will enable you to make a wide array of food options while putting forth minimal effort. 

There are numerous benefits to owning an electric meat grinder.   


Electric meat grinders are a money-saving appliance in that you can make your own ground hamburger, sausage, soups, sauces and sandwich spreads.

Why Use A Bread Machine?

Posted by Chef on 8/29/2011 to Appliances
Bread MachineUsing a bread machine can give you and your family the chance to eat a variety or healthy bread choices that are not typically available at your local grocer.  Controlling variety, freshness and portions are a great benefit of owning your own bread machine.  Plus you'll eliminate eating the preservatives and chemicals that are often present in store brands.

Blenders: The Possibilities Are Endless

Posted by Chef on 8/27/2011 to Appliances
BlendersWhat thoughts come to mind when you hear the word blenders? Is it smoothies, margaritas, ice cream, tomato bisque, chopped celery or pesto? In the kitchen appliance world, blenders are the wonderful little kitchen appliances you didn't know you needed until you bought one.

As we've advanced technologically so have our kitchen toys. The blender is no different. Traditional blenders have come a long way and offer many different options and features.
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