The Best Cake Pans for Any Occasion

Posted by Chef on 5/24/2011 to Baking and Bakeware
If you love to bake, you will love to learn about all the many different kinds of cake pans that are available to use to increase your range of baking abilities. From bundt pans to glass heart-shaped pans, the options are virtually unlimited, and can add some fun to your baking efforts. You can now achieve the professional results you see in the store from your own oven!

How The Espresso Pot Works

Posted by Chef on 5/6/2011 to Information
Espresso PotStove-top Steam-Infusion Method
Water is placed in the lower container, approximately 3-oz. per cup. Also in the lower container, is a basket that holds the finely ground espresso coffee, approximately 1-2  full rounded teaspoon of ground espresso coffee for each cup. If you like your espresso stronger, add more coffee. The lid or upper pot is tightly screwed in place to form a seal and the top container, the pot, is inserted in place. On models we currently sell, the lid for the lower chamber is also the base of the upper pot.
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